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eHaat Has All Your Favourite Mobile Brands
The craze of the latest smartphones is not just limited to the urban regions anymore. People living in small towns and villages also look out for the mobile phones that offer latest features. However, most of the small towns and villages don’t get proper supply of latest models frequently. Sometimes, it takes months for a model to reach rural region. This limits the options for the rural consumer and doesn’t allow people there to have their favourite mobile phones.
Not anymore!
We, at eHaat, bring you a wide range of mobile phone models from your favourite brands. The famous brands having different models of mobiles are available on our site. The variety of the models allows both the young and the older generation of the rural region to pick a suitable phone for themselves.
We bring mobile dealers to you
When you come to eHaat, the struggle of searching mobile phones ends there. All of your nearby dealers offering the latest versions of your favourite mobile phones come on your computer screen. The only effort that is left to make is the selection of a mobile for yourself. The rest of the procedure is taken care by our management team.
We have Mobile suppliers Bulandshahr and also have connections with the Mobile Phone Stores Moradabad, which doesn’t let you leave the site unsatisfied. However, there are plenty of other suppliers all over the small towns and rural region in the country that we are connected with.
The prices that you want
Our platform is designed to make shopping convenient for you. So, you don’t even have to struggle with the price factor of the phone. The platform allows you to get the list according to your own price range. This filters the other options that you don’t want and offers the right models only. You get to book your favourite mobile within a few minutes of reaching our site.
Delivery at your doorstep
Keeping your shopping comfort in mind, we also make sure that you get the delivery of the mobile at your doorstep within the seven-day period after the dealer’s confirmation.
Start shopping!